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Urinalscreen with logo

Urinalscreen with logo, photo or text
Are you looking for a way to advertise? We printed urinal screens with your logo, texts or a cool one-liner. The excellent urine screens are very suitable if you want to advertise on the toilet in an original way. The entire surface of the screen can be printed, so be creative! The minimum order for printed urinal screens is 50 pieces and it is possible to print multiple colors or photos on the urinalscreen.

WC advertisement
A fun and original way to advertise is on the toilet! Very suitable for the cinema, fairs, festivals, and other events. Toilet advertising is a way to make your business stand out. Of course we all know the posters on the walls in the toilet. But the place where every man looks during a toilet visit is forgotten. That is precisely why advertising on a urinal mat is very effective and will certainly be noticed. Moreover, the word of mouth will be the cause of the originality of the advertising message.

WC advertising ideas
We also like to think along with you. Thanks to our underlying experience, we have ideas to make your toilet advertising as effective as possible. Please contact us quickly for this.

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